DEVELOPMENT SERVICES WATKINS CERNY acts as a development partner and provides project concept and master planning services, proformas, executive summaries and bank finance plans, negotiates contracts with consultants and contractors, and pulls together partnerships. Current projects include a mixed use film studio with a film school, planned communities with an university, alternative medicine resorts and seaport developments.
WATKINSCERNY - Works with clients to provide sustainable design solutions to their needs. Combining California and European design style with specialty experience in commercial architecture, tenant improvements, laboratories, and planning experience in mixed use complexes, destination resorts, seaport complexes, and transit oriented districts.
We work with an architectural studio in the Czech Republic, Atelier A3 and have many projects in Mexico.
CARBON CONSULTANTS, INC. founded in 2008, CCI is an emission reduction project manager. We develop solar, wind, waste to energy, re-forestation, REDD+, Program of Activities projects, and develop the carbon emission assets that are used as part of the financial stack. CCI works with WATKINS CERNY to provide a complete project delivery package for our energy and carbon projects. CCI consults with other project developers, and provides full carbon services including scoping, PIN, PDD, registration, verification, validation, auditing, reporting, registries and sales.
VILLAGE GREEN GLOBAL - founded in 2001, provides automated carbon auditing and reporting software we use to track the carbon emissions, energy savings, and independently report to the UNFCCC and VCS carbon systems. CARBON CONSULTANTS, INC. uses this software and reporting system to monetize the carbon assets generated by our renewable energy or energy efficiency projects.
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